Magic Eyes Gichigichi Macaroons • Realistic Stroker

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Product Information
📝Main Features:
  • Easy Grip • Fit's In the Palm of Your Hand!
  • Ultra Realistic • Simulates Deep Penetration
  • Universal Fit • Designed with all Shapes & Sizes in Mind
  • Great for Beginners • Even Better for Experienced Explorers!
  • Internal Geometric Textures • Stimulates the Length of your Shaft
  • Multi-Layer Construction • Dual Layer Design | Double The Sensations!
  • Erectile Dysfunction Aid • Strengthens Pelvic Muscles | Increases Stamina
  • Multi-Position Support • Experience Missionary & Doggy Position! Flip The Stroker for Unique Sensations
💡What's The Difference?:
  • 🤍Soft (Gentle) Edition • Soft & Smooth. Silky, Long Lasting Pleasure.
  • 💖Hard (Strong) Edition • Extra Firm, Powerful, Stimulating Pleasure.

💖Hard Edition:
From Magic Eyes, one of the leading names in fetish adult toys in Japan, the Hard Cover Gichigichi Raw Macaron stroker features a unique design inspired by macarons: the interior and exterior are separately molded parts, making for a p*ssy squeezed between two sides that resembles the creamy inside of a delicious macaron cake. The outer texture of this hefty toy is harder, so you can get a firmer grip as you have s*x with the tsundere bat-maid's p*ssy that is rewardingly soft and delicate. One of the many great aspects of the onahole toy is that you can turn the stroker over and the v*gina feels like you're having s*x with the koakuma from behind in the doggy position.

🤍Soft Edition:
The Soft Cover Gichigichi Raw V*gina Macaron Masturbator is the softer type in this mini series of pocket pussy toys by leading Japanese adult brand Magic Eyes. Like its harder companion, the onahole is made with a special macaron-inspired technique in which the interior and exterior are molded separately and then squeezed together to realize a uniquely blended texture. The inner material is firm, complemented by the soft outside, and then given the perfect finishing touch by the membrane-like sensation from the tunnel deeper inside. With an expertly designed and realistic v*gina that offers a different experience depending on the angle of penetration, flip the toy over to replicate the sensation of having s*x in the doggy position. The premium stroker toy is a medium-sized type but with a relatively hefty weight that feels great in your hands.

📐Size Guide:
Specifications • 175 x 70 x 70 mm (6.9 x 2.8 x 2.8") | 520 g (18.3 oz)
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